Ulrika Holmberg

Ulrika Holmberg started her career in her early teens working with merchandise on different gigs. In the end, she took care of big concerts with the biggest names in the music world like Metallica, AC/DC, Lady Gaga, Rammstein, Rolling Stones and many more.

2006 she was part of the team starting up Musichelp and moved over to the board in 2010. 2014 she becomes the CEO of Musichelp. During the years on Musichelp, she has created the divisions of Musichelp Publishing, Musicbase, DSR and Distrosong and the management company Add-More.

Ulrika is also a board member at the showcase festival Live at Heart and been on the jury for the worlds largets talent show Imagine.

Ulrika latest brand is Discover Sensation a divison that handels Showcases around the world and work as talentscout and booker.

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