Royal Prospect

Royal Prospect was formed in early 2014 and participated in the Swedish version of Emergenza festival and ended up in the first place. Which got them to perform at various Swedish festivals and Croatia’s biggest music festival “Inmusic” in Zagreb.

The band recorded The EP “Watching your world” and was released independently. The EP was discovered by the artist development company Musichelp that gave them a publishing deal on the EP.

Royal Prospect was invited to Sweden’s biggest showcase festival Live at Heart in Örebro 2016. They quickly received attention from industry officials as a band to watch. The gig was a success and the band was signed by Rehn Music Group on the spot. First single out from the new record label was “Fire”. This single was featured on the British music blog Record of the Day and the music video to Fire was released on Sweden’s biggest music blog Gaffa.

2017 the single “Hearts” was released on the famous Stockholm stage Café Opera with the site Strum Live. “Heart” was featured on some major Spotify playlists, such as New Music Friday Sweden, Digster Future Hits and a 5th place on the Top 50 Viral Sweden where the single stayed for several weeks.

The successes lead to a place to play at the showcase festival YouBloom in Dublin at Whelan’s Main Stage. Also, the band returned for a second round on Live at Heart and was booked straight to the showcase festival Mondo in NYC.

On Mondo they released the new single “I Feel Alright” and during a show at a VIP event at Big House Studios, they got booked to Canadian Music Week 2018.

Early 2018 they released a video to “I Feel Alright” containing pictures from the festival and NYC.

A new single was released in March 2018 “Whisper a Sound”. In May Royal Prospect played on Canadian Music Week and secured a headliner spot on Live at Heart, got several festivals around the world for both 2018 and 2019.


Publisher: Musichelp (Scandinavia)

Record Label: Rehn Music Group (Scandinavia)

Managment: Tommy Rehn / Peter Åstedt