Discover Sensation

Discover Sensation is a new way to create opportunities for artists!

Discover Sensation run stages and festivals around the world. We have wast networks inside the music industry. We create success stories around the world. We create opportunities for artists. We are like a global export office that works with national and regional offices.

For more info contact Peter Åstedt

We were in production for a bigger gala in Canada in October 2020. This depends on the Covid 19 situation.

We will do a stage on Candian Music Week in Toronto in September 2020. This depends on the Covid 19 situation.


We did the artist on Årets Opinionsbildare, witch was Eleonore Léone

We talke on MENT in Slovenia 5 to 7 of February 2020.

Discover Sensation was on Music Showcase Greece, 4 to 8 of December.

We were on PIN conference in North Macedonia. We are also brought The Magnettes there.

Discover Sensation was representing Live at Heart on Monkey Week in 20 – 23 of November.

Discover Sensation is on Swiss Live Talents – Nov 15-16 in Bern, Switzerland.

From 31 October to 4 of November we spoke on Bangkok Music City.

Discover Sensation will be at TIMM in Tokyo 27 to 31 Oktober. We bring with us Eleonore Leone You can book meetings with us now. TIMM

Discover Sensation will be on FiraB! on Mallorca 3 to 6 of October. You can now book meetings with us there.

We are also on Bangkok Music City 1 to 3 of November. You can book meeting with us for there as well.

Discover Sensation will speak on Music Export Conference Warsaw, Poland, 1-2 October. You can book meeting with us now in Warzaw.

Discover sensation will be on Mu:Con in Seoul. 29 September to 3 October. Representing Live at Heart. You can now book meetings with us there.

Discover Sensation will be on Waves Vienna 26 to 28 of September. We are in panels and one to one meetings will look for new acts to book to some of our collaborations. We also represent The Magnettes during the festival. Waves Vienna

Discover Sensation goes to Future Music Forum to hold a panel. If you are on Future Music Forum in Barcelona in September you can request a meeting.