@ CAKE SHOP (152 Ludlow Street, NYC)

9 of june

7 pm to 12pm

on stage

The Magnettes 10.30 pm

Hyper Heart 9:45 pm

Lucy Seven 9:00 pm

Jens Wennberg 8:15 pm

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8:15 pm Jens Wennberg

Jens Wennberg is a singer/songwriter from the northern part of Sweden, who last year released a single a month throughout the whole year. Including 11 new original songs and a cover of Nirvana’s “Serve theServants” as a part of the band’s 20th anniversary of their legendary album “In Utero”. The single’s has been well received by fans all over the globe, and on rotation on college radios in Sweden, Germany and US. On YouTube, his songs are used as background music in tons of videos with diverse content, ranging from various sports, fashion shoots, cooking, political rallies and more. Jens has been on one US­tour, he has played in Germany and all over Sweden. Besides the 12 singles Jens has also released two EP’s and one full length album. Welcome to 1984

(2007), Music NOT Approved by The Government of Sweden (2008) and Number 3 (2010).

In 2012 Jens went to Stockholm to record a couple of songs with his good friend Stefan N Sundström, who

has worked with artists such as Grammy award winning indie queen Veronica Maggio, and Sweden’s answer to Bob Dylan, the legendary and beloved Ulf Lundell. Stefan has produced and recorded all previous work of Jens.
For the recording session Jens borrowed Patrik Heikinpieti, drummer in one of Sweden’s finest rock bands, Mando Diao, and Daniel Böckerman (who had been playing live gigs with Jens during the year) from the swedish underground band The Groovies on bass. The resulting “Brick by Brick” and “No Regrets” where the first and second singles in a series of twelve, released each month in 2013. The other ten singles were recorded and produced with Marcus Garbom from the swedish up­ and­coming metal band “Beneath My
Feet”. The singles were only released digitally and is available on all big media providers such as Spotify,  Itunes, eMusic, Amazon etc.

Spotify: Jens Wennberg

Twitter: jenswennberg

9:00 pm Lucy Seven

Guitarist RICHIE had a dream. A dream about forming the band with capital B, together with hand picked musicians who would share this vision of a band that would not only play kick-ass songs, but also be an absolute thrill to watch .
“It was clear to me quite early that LUCY SEVEN would be a visual band. A concert with LUCY SEVEN should be an experience beyond the music. Me and FOX (bass) saw RUBY sing in a shitty band at a festival on Midsummer’s Eve. No body cared about the band. Everyone was there to see RUBY perform. He was the dude all the guys wanted to be and all the ladies wanted to be with. FOX and I said the same thing: ‘That’s our boy!‘ From there it was easy to get Sweden’s best drummer JONTA to join too.”
Soon enough it was proven that the visual aspect appealed to the people as well. Shortly after LUCY SEVEN was formed their first single SYLLABLES (Big Words) was released on the radio station BANDIT ROCK RADIO‘s compilation CD of the year.
Within a year LUCY SEVEN played domestic SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL and ROCKWEEKEND, as well as internationally in GERMANY and the BALTIC STATES.
The debut album BEST OF was recorded and released with praise from listeners and positive reviews from the critics.
LUCY SEVEN have yet agan entered the studio to record their second album. Now they aim beyond SWEDEN and EUROPE. LUCY SEVEN have got the crosshair on the big land in the west. LUCY SEVEN are ready. The only question is: Are you, AMERICA?

Spotify: Lucy Seven
Twitter: lucysevensweden

9:45 pm Hyper Heart

Stockholm based Hyper Heart started out the fall of 2011 and are Robert Svensson (ex solo, Mixtapes & Cellmates), Nick Martin and the brothers Ludvig and Markus Bergström Björn. First release of 2014 is the single Running, an ambient ballad where analogue synthersizers and string sampels are joined by a grand piano a la Lennon and the chorus goes out over every frequency.

The band has earlier released the singles Eris, Fill Me Up, and ICU/Rise To A Fall. The plan has been to let all creativity run wild which has led to both rave synths and jungel drums as well as classic indie ballads. Different expressions, but everything made through the unmissleading filter of Hyper Heart.

Spotify: Hyper Heart

Twitter: hyperrrheart

10:30 pm The Magnettes

The story of The Magnettes began when two teenagers from Pajala – an isolated community in the north of Sweden – decided their ultimate rebellion was to sing, loudly,honestly, about love and heartbreak in the last stages of adolescence.
Rebecka Digervall and Sanna Kalla began performing acoustic shows with the raucousness from new wave and punk. The duo was praised for their heartfelt lyrics and catchy melodies. They released the 1st single ”Paper Cut” in 2012 and performed at festivals and clubs in Sweden, Finland and Russia before signing with X-Level/DO Music in 2014.

Upcoming releases: ”Who We Are” (single, June, 2014), EP (fall 2014)

Spotify: The Magnettes

Twitter: themagnettes

Cake Shop is located at 152 Ludlow Street, NYC, 10002.