Elin K

Elin K, a Swedish artist and songwriter who make dreamy, epic and soulful pop music. She is working with producer Vanessa Liftig (produced for Wu-Tan Clan amongst others) who arranges and produces the songs.

Previously, she have released a song called Truth Worth A Fight, It got the attention and appreciation from Robin Lynch (songwriter for Pink and Sting amongst others) Elin and Vanessa and are right now collaborating on new songs, we will release a new single this Spring 2017 and a 4 track mini-album in the Autumn 2017.

A new singel comes out April 28 single called Strange Flowers and is written by Elin K, with Vanessa Liftig as the producer and Robin Mortensen Lynch doing the remix/remaster.

ELIN_K Strange flowers skiv LOSE_REAL


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